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Dr. Christopher Bissett

Patient Testimonials...

The pain caused by nerves in both arms was unbearable. The nerves also caused an itch that couldn't be satisfied by scratching. I eventually tore open the skin on both arms. After ONE YEAR if using OTC products and ruling out advice from my Internalist and Neurologist. I called Dr. Bissett. Now the itching is gone, and both arms have healed. A combination of Decompression, Chiropractic adjustments, and a skin calming lotion have cleared by previous situation....................Sharon

Before coming to Dr. Bissett, I was suffering from Lightheadedness, nausea, sensitive to light and sound, and was fainting. I spent most of my time in bed unless my husband was taking me to doctor appointments. All the medical tests and specialists could find nothing...Dr. Bissett immediately noticed something on my X-rays so we started with gentle Chiropractic adjustments. Immediately I noticed a change and am now 100% improved and almost back to normal.........................S.T.

Before...I couldn't lose weight, had morning headaches, would cry for no reason, and wasn't sleeping well. After seeing Dr. Bissett I lost 2 pounds the first week, headaches were gone after the 2nd day, I’m not crying, and my sleeping has gotten MUCH better!!.....................J.W.

Suffering from Bell's Palsy- one side of my face was droopy and mostly paralyzed. All my doctor's and therapist's said it looked like it would be permanent. Not Dr. Bissett, he adjusted me and helped me with Nutritional Counseling...I can now smile completely and blink both eyes...He helped when everyone else gave up! Thanks Dr. B.!

  I always hurt due to sports injuries, so in moving to The Villages, through friends I was given the name of a good chiropractor. Dr. Bissett has been treating my condition for a few years. I also became interested in the healthy vitamins he has available. I can say now that the treatments for my back and neck have helped immensely. However I do need them monthly for me to stay feeling better. And have been put on a schedule of healthy vitamins. I can't believe how much better I feel. I know I will continue with the treatments and the vitamins!..........B.K.

  I was overweight, felt sluggish, and had very little energy. Now I am "peppier" more alert and have so much more energy!- M.D.

I had lost some weight but couldn't break the plateau. With Dr. B's help I reached my goal!!! Thanks!!- T.M.

I had serious heartburn and stomach distress all the time. Dr Bissett completely dealt with it and I am now able to eat the things I enjoy!!-- B.C.

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